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3D Tattoo [16 Feb 2013|09:29am]

Dear friends, could you please recommend the best 3D artist/shop in Toronto/GTA?
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Living in Toronto [04 Oct 2012|07:07pm]
I'm going to be moving to Toronto within the next year and I don't really know the neighborhoods. Where is a good area that has a good tattoo community? My bf and I are heavily tattooed and looking to live in an area where that is common.

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90 Queen St. W. [16 Sep 2011|02:08pm]

Hi, My name is John Alonzo. I work on Long Island, N.Y. at a shop. I have a friend his name is Cliff White. He's is one of the original tattooers on Long Island. He is also a collector of old tattoo signs, cards, machines, chairs, etc. He came across a card that read "Electric tattooing, 90 Queen St. W. Toronto." with the name "C. White" on it. He's interested in finding out about this person and the shop. Any help would be appreciated. Contact me at facebook.com/JCTheDamager. Thank you for your time...
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Where should I get this done? [13 Feb 2011|10:15pm]

[ mood | curious ]

 Hey guys! So I will be getting my first tattoo (picture attached). It is of a feather but it's not exactly the same as what I am getting. I am having my wonderful sister draw it for me! It's the closest thing I can find. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on where to get it done in Toronto. It will be very intricate and means a lot of me. I am hoping to find not only a great artist but someone I feel comfortable with and can talk to. I have been wanting it for about a month and will wait around 3 more to make sure that I have done the proper research and that this is what I really want. It will be going from my side along my ribs and just end under my breast. (yes I know that is one of the more painful spots). Does anyone know roughly how long it will take?



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Shop recommendations? [18 Jan 2010|01:03pm]

I went to Fabrizio Divari for my last tattoo, and I love it, but he's out of the country now. I'm also not sure that he would be best suited for the piece I want to get You can read about what I want to get if you click here! - the cat tattoo, specifically.

So, I'm wondering if anyone can let me know if they've had experience with any of the following folks? (Or, if you've got some time on your hands, want to check out these portfolios and let me know what you think!)

-David Glantz
-The folks at Sunnyside Tattoos
-Scott McEwan
-The folks at Imperial Tattoos

Basically....I'd like someone who can do bold colours, flowers, stylized but semi-realistic birds, and, a stylized cat skeleton. I want it to look semi-day of the dead, semi-art nouveau.

And, well, I want someone that isn't a jerk. They don't have to be my BFF or even be talkative at all (I like quiet people!), but if I'm explaining my ideas, then spending 3-4 hours with someone, I need to feel comfortable.

Thanks in advance.
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japanese style tattoo? [24 Jun 2009|08:37pm]
Hi guys, im new to toronto and im just wondering could anyone recommend a good tattoo artist for japanese style work? The price is not an issue I just want to have work done by the best available!
Thanks in advance!
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UV tattoo [23 Apr 2009|12:16am]

I've heard from a friend that a person can get a UV Tattoo.  I looked it up and thought that it looked really cool and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me find a Tattoo artist who would be able to do UV tattooing for me. I've started emailing some places but they haven't gotten back to me yet -- any help you could give I would be greatful.
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First Tattoo, something kind of Celtic [31 Jan 2009|10:41am]

Hello! My younger brother and I are both looking to get our family crest done when he comes to visit in Mid February, so I'm thinking of booking the appointment for sometime around the 18th.

This is the design I'm currently working with, I 'm thinking we'll probably get it done three or four inches high. I really have no experience with Celtic designs so I'd like to be able to book it with someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to Celtic art, just in case there are any glaring errors with my design that a seasoned artist used to working with that kind of style would pick up on and be able to fix.

I'm looking at New Tribe currently, as I had a good number of recommendations for them, but none of their artists seem to have any of kind of Celtic styled stuff in their online portfolios.

Price wise, I don't want to break the bank, but I don't want to cheap out on it either. It's solid black, and as I said, about three inches high, but I'm not totally sure what to expect to pay to have a good job on it. About four or five years ago I was told it would be around $150, but more recently I heard it could be over $200. Does this sound like a job that could be less than $300, at least? I'm really not totally sure what to expect.

Any help would be huuuugely appreciated. Even as far as the design goes, if anyone knows if that's too detailed, or has any suggestions for how I could tweak it before I bring it to an artist I am totally willing to listen. Thanks much!

*edit* ended up going with Thor at Yonge Street Tattoos, and I couldn't be happier with it. All I have on hand is a photo from about a month ago when it was still red and prickly, unfortunately!
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[13 Aug 2008|11:35pm]

Can anyone tell me what the prices are like at Bobby Five? David Glantz is AMAZING but probably charges a ton! I'm getting a big flower piece on my ribs, about 5 colours..
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out of towners [14 Nov 2007|08:29pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hi. I have a special situation here, and I figured I'd get a consensus before doing much more research.

I'm in Atlanta, and in four months I'm meeting up in Toronto with a friend who lives in Kitchener so we can spend some time together. While we're in Toronto, we'd like to get tattooed together. This would be my second tattoo, so I'm somewhat familiar with the process and I know what to look for and all that, but I'm definitely not a tattoo expert. I've also only been to Toronto once.

We don't want anything fancy, nothing huge or even big, nothing in crazy colors (I think mine will be all black). However, if possible, she (being very fair skinned) would like to get a white-ink tattoo (she's done the research). Again, though, it wouldn't be large.

So we've got some complicating factors here. I'm not sure how easy it will be for out-of-towners to book an appointment; though my friend knows people in Toronto, I'm not sure if having them come by will count. I'm totally willing to put down a deposit, anything along those lines. My friend's called and emailed Way Cool Uptown, and gotten no response; I guess they don't see it as a good risk. I'd like to contact New Tribe, but they might not be willing to do white ink, let alone the difficulty of us being out-of-towners. I think my friend would be willing to forgo the white ink if a place would book us otherwise. I don't know if it would be recommended or even possible to do a "walk in" situation (while it might be possible theoretically because the tattoos would be small, I'm not sure if reputable tattoo places do that), and I'm wondering if I could come by the day I arrive and book for a few days later before I leave, or what. My friend in Kitchener might be able to make the trip to Toronto to book if there's absolutely no other way in that regard.

If it doesn't look like a decent place will book us without both of us coming in in person months in advance, even with the small tattoos and even without the white ink, I'd like to know that for certain. Please advise! Thanks!

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[27 Sep 2007|10:31am]

Hey everyone,

My next tattoo is a portrait style piece of a girl dancing with headphones on, on my back. I have talked to Dave from New Tribe about it, but in case he doesn't work out for some reason...

Can anyone recommend an artist that is good at portrait style work, can custom design, and doesn't have a ridiculously long waiting list?

Also, does anyone have any experience with Dave at New Tribe?
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WAY COOL UPTOWN [13 Jun 2007|01:31am]

Hey folks,

So a couple of months ago at a silent auction I purchased two gift certificates for Way Cool Uptown. One was for a free body piercing, the other for $100 towards a $150 tattoo. I didn't realize that the certificates would have only a two month limit on them. I live in Parkdale so it's completely out of my neck of the woods.

I tried to go get a tattoo appointment last week but after having everything decided they said they needed a cash deposit instead of leaving the certificate as a deposit as I had originally been told. Well I didn't have it so I had to cancel the appointment. Which made me feel as though this is not the best time to be spending the extra $75 or so on a tattoo, and I should wait to get the bigger one I really wanted anyways.

Which leads me to this offer. I got the certificate for the piercing extended for two more months so it doesn't expire until August 8th. The tattoo certificate needs to be taken in and an appointment made (with cash deposit) by Friday June 15th. For a $150 tattoo the deposit would be $60. The final cost would be $50 plus GST and tip (if you got a $150 tattoo, it could be put towards a larger one). There would be no charge for the piercing.

Anyone wanna buy these for $100 (and help me out)? So basically you are paying for the tattoo certificate and getting the piercing free. Both are totally transferable, I made sure of it. The artists there have great reputations. Maybe you were planning on getting a new tattoo anyways?

I will travel to meet you and give you the certificates. Or you can come to my house so you know where I live so there's an absolute guarantee that this is totally legit. I just don't want them to go to waste and I originally paid $140 for them.


And just so it ain't all text, here's a picture of one I got at Way Cool on Queen Street.
It's the only photo I could find of it, the writing is fake, it's signed by Imogen HeapCollapse )
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artist help [25 Mar 2007|09:15pm]


i am looking to get my 11th and largest tattoo sometime soon.

i have a good artist who i trust, but i am wondering if i should go to someone more specific for what i am looking for. i am looking to get a half sleeve type deal of a very vivid... seahorse like sea creature. BRIGHT colours, lots of crazy flowy little parts. i don't want ultra crazy expensive, but mid-level would be fine.

who can you recommend me?

thank youuu
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first post, first tattoo... [08 Feb 2007|10:52pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi all,

I've combed through the tagged archives in the Toronto LJ-community and thought there might be some more helpful answers here. After several years of thought, I'd like to (finally) get a particular piece of art done.
I'm looking for an artist in the GTA who is particularly good with both precise, geometric designs (linework, carefully spaced, mostly circles of varying size from shoulder to elbow along one arm) and white ink.

Yes, I'm sun-avoidant and slather on the SPF60 sunblock when I can't. Yes, I'm looking for a subtle finished effect. I'll be doing lots of footwork and will be talking with artists and poring over portfolios myself, but wouldn't mind some solid leads before venturing out in the cold.
Willing to book, willing to wait, gladly willing to pay for quality work, preferably sometime before the end of 2007.

Would any of you folks know of an artist? Better yet, is anyone willing to share photos?

Thank you.

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[07 Nov 2006|09:22am]

anyone have anything by rob coutts (currently at bobbyfive - www.bobbyfive.com)? i'm getting started on a half sleeve soon and trying to decide between rob and fabrizio divari. thoughts?

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Portrait tattoos [24 Oct 2006|08:34pm]

I'm looking for reputable tattoo shops for getting a portrait tattoo.

So far I'm looking at New Tribe... any other suggestions?
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10/13 [13 Oct 2006|08:21am]

Does anyone know if any shops in town are doing "13" tattoos for Friday the 13th today?
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UV Tattoos [19 Sep 2006|08:05pm]

Can anyone recommend any clean, reputable tattoo studios in the Toronto area that can do UV tattoos? I have a few stars done in black ink along my hairline that I would love to get outlined in the UV-sensitive ink.

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[12 Sep 2006|04:14pm]


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[09 Sep 2006|11:27am]

How long should I wait before getting my tattoo touched up?
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